How To Make Windows 8 Faster?

Have you got the new Windows 8 installed on your PC or laptop? Congratulations.
The story does not end here. You need to optimize your new OS for better and speedier performance. But how to make Windows 8 perform better, follow these simple steps.

Firstly you need to customize certain systems of Windows 8. There are few programs that can consume maximum resources and make the system to slowdown. You can identify and disable or stop such programs in two ways:

At times, the start-up programs can slowdown the system. Windows 8 Task Manager provides you the option to identify such programs and disable them. To do this first launch Task Manager, select Start-up and selectively disable the programs.

Second option to make Windows 8 faster is to ‘Pin-point applications.’ To do this, right click on the Taskbar and open Task Manager. You would find ‘More Details’ option and here you would see a list of certain programs highlighted.

Those are the programs that are consuming more resources and slowing down the system. This list would show which program is high on consumption of critical resources like CPU, Memory, Disk and Network. Simply disable such programs. This is called as ‘Pinpoint Application.’

Take a look at the power settings. To see the power settings press Windows button and enter ‘power plan’. Now you would see Power Options window. Windows recommends “Balanced” power mode and ensure that this option is selected. Do not select “Power Saver” option under normal operations as it is intended to get more life out of battery only.

An attractive feature of Windows 8 is its desktop animations. They are cool and attractive for sure but also make the OS to slowdown. So, disable these animations for improved performance. To do this, press the Windows key and type ‘System Performance Properties.’ Check the “Custom” radio button and now uncheck the button called “Animate Windows when minimizing and maximizing.” Also you can uncheck “Fade or slide menus into view”, “Fade or slide ToolTips into view”. The last two will add little speed of the OS.

You don’t need third party anti-virus software that can slowdown the OS. Instead enable the ‘Included Security Applications’ which would run the Microsoft’s own anti-virus program called Windows Defender.

Instead of shutting down the system when you go away from the system temporarily, use hibernate mode of Windows 8. When you resume the system from hibernate mode, it immediately gets back to the speedy mode. Also, during hibernate mode your system does not consume resources.

Hard drive optimization will add to the speed of Windows 8. To optimizing the hard drive use Windows Optimize Drive Tools (known as Disk Defragmenter in older versions). Access the Optimize Drive Tools by typing the phrase in Windows key and select ‘Settings.’ You would find “Analyze” and “Optimize” buttons. Select the drive and click Optimize. Prior to this you can carry out analysis of the drive.

These above steps should make your Windows 8 to perform with optimized speed.

If you try all these steps but unable to increase your windows pc speed then there have another way to speed up your pc. According to by processor scheduling you can speed up your pc speed.

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